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Perry: Manager

Perry has been the Hospital Manager for the past 17 years.  He recently moved from the Milwaukee East Side area to the North Shore area. Since he had been living close to UWM for so long, the move to Fox Point is something to get adjusted to. Here he is pictured with one of his nephews, 'Elway'.  Elway decided he needed to taste a loaf of bread on top of the fridge one day, and somehow on his way down, this kitty injured his leg.  Elway's mom was very worried that her cat had a broken leg, but it turned out this cat needed a cast to treat a soft tissue injury.  Perry has a naughty little cat named 'Hal', named after Halloween, the day he was abandoned at our clinic.  Hal comes to work with Perry to see his aunties, and to see Dr. Singh, who went from saving the kitten's life to administering cat vaccines at his first annual appointment.


Liz: Assistant

If you ask Liz why she enjoys working here, she says “Animal Health Rocks!” Why does it rock?  Because she gets to be “an advocate for animals” by helping people help their animals.  She also loves the animals and her co-workers.  (Awww, thx!)  However, Liz’s best bud is ‘Wiley’ whom she has had since he was rescued as a puppy from the Wisconsin Humane Society, where they did some of his puppy shots and neutered him.  She also used to have a diabetic cat named 'Toby', a cat who began drinking a lot of water, and using the litter box a lot.  Both are common signs of diabetes.  Liz is currently enrolled at Bryant and Stratton College to become a nurse.  


Kaitlin: Certified Vet Tech

Kaitlin has always called Milwaukee her home and is back as the newest addition to the clinic! After spending two years in Madison, earning her Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology, she is now enrolled at UW-Milwaukee to finish out a Bachelor’s Degree. When she’s not busy at school or work, Kaitlin loves spending time with friends and family at Badgers and Brewers games, outdoors, or visiting new restaurants! She couldn’t live without the two cuties pictured in this photo: her nine-year-old (yes 9!) lilac rabbit named Mikey, and her 6 year old beagle mix, Fez. They bring an endless amount of chaos and joy into her life.

Bridget: Assistant

Bridget  is a born and raised Milwaukeean, and eldest of 3 children. Often referred to as “Busy B” as a child, the same nickname holds today as she is always on the go. Around the North Shore area, Bridget is one of the go-to babysitters and is often booked months in advanced due to the packed schedule she holds. Along with babysitting, Bridget will often pet sit many of her babysitting client’s household pets. When she is not busy with the kids of the North Shore or their pets, Bridget can often be found working on projects at home (gardening, painting, DIY), or out busy fulfilling her social calendar.

Bridget attended Nicolet High School where she had 4 successful years as a student, participating in many sports, choirs and extracurricular activities. She graduated in 2007 and continued onto college at Winona State University. The next few years of college were not as successful, Bridget pursued different focuses in Biological and Environmental Sciences but couldn’t find the place that made her happy. Fast forward to today and you will see that Bridget is successfully completing a Veterinary Assistant Program through Milwaukee Career College. She will continue her education by enrolling in the Veterinary Technician Program this fall of 2016. 

Outside of school and when done with the day’s activities, Bridget often looks forward to being at home.  When home, Bridget is often lovingly harassed by her two cats; Oliver and Stanley. Oliver was adopted through the humane society and will be 6 this summer, while Stanley was plucked off the streets at the young age of 4 weeks, nursed back to health, and is now jokingly referred to as a “failed foster” as he has now become a permanent resident of the home at 2 years old. Bridget also has a hamster named Misty that she agreed to take care of when the previous owner could no longer do so. 

Abbie: Assistant

Abbie is a Rockford, Illinois native who came to Milwaukee to attend UWM.  She is pursuing a bachelors degree in biology as well as a minor in chemistry, and hopes to move on to vet school after graduating.  Abbie has been working as a vet assistant since 2013 at home in Rockford.  When she's not busy with work or school, Abbie enjoys spending time with her friends and cheering on her favorite sports teams, including the Chicago Blackhawks and the Iowa Hawkeyes.